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Protecting and Powering Commercial Tech in
Every Type of Workplace
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Brenthaven + Apple

A Perfect Pair

A trusted Apple partner for over 20 years, Brenthaven designs innovative, rugged products that are
backed up by a lifetime guarantee, superior service and a reliable ability to fulfill large orders.


Powerful Integrated Cable-Free Charging and Device Protection

Brenthaven+ is a must-have upgrade for any business, combining cable-free charging and ultra-tough device protection. The Power5 Charging Station, and Protect+ or 360+ Cases, simplify fleet management, reduce waste, save space and support productivity.
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Brenthaven+ Cases

Durable Drop Protection
Meets Cable-Free Charging

Exclusively compatible with the Power5 Charging Station, the ultra-protective Power+ and 360+
cases for iPad devices streamlines charging with the included cable-free adapter.

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MacBook Devices

Next-Generation MacBook
Device Protection

Damaged laptops drain productivity. With sleek design elements that complement MacBook devices,
Brenthaven solutions are ideal for on-the-job protection, with a range of styles to fit any workplace or site.

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Tred sleeve


Customizable and Professional Case Alternatives

Brenthaven sleeves are a great backpack alternative, combining best-in-class iPad and MacBook device protection, customizable features and sturdy carry straps for a professional and practical solution.

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