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TechShell Certified

Custom-fit molded cases intelligently designed for businesses and K-12 schools.

TechShell ™ Provides Drop Tested
Technology You Can Rely On

Brenthaven iPad, MacBook and Chromebook molded cases utilize TechShell technology to provide the most rugged protection available! All TechShell patented designs are subjected to extensive drop tests in different testing facilities to provide the most reliable device protection.

TechShell Drop Test Certification Process

TechShell tests and certifies protective cases into four categories: Basic, Strong, Rugged and Extreme.
Brenthaven integrates TechShell technology into our molded case designs to maximize protection from
all types of drops, bumps and accidents. Look for the TechShell certification logo on our Brenthaven
product pages.

2 foot drop, 26 times

Basic certified cases are anything but! Cases that carry this certification go beyond mere accessories, protecting devices from 2 foot drops.

3 foot drop, 26 times

Strong Certification covers reliable drop protection, scratch resistance with minimal damage rates. Up to 5 test devices were used for the drop test at 3 feet for 26 times.

4 foot drop, 26 times

Need extra durable protection? Rugged Certified cases protect against 4 foot drops, which can be common from hands, backpacks, and table tops.

6 foot drop, 26 times

Get maximum protection from Extreme Certified cases. These cases are drop tested from 6 feet and represent the gold-standard of protection innovation

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