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iPad Protection

Every iPad deployment is different. Users might be kindergarten students, high school seniors, office workers or field technicians – so protecting every fleet means covering all the bases. With our trusted partner, Apple, we design cases that are a perfect fit, no matter the circumstances.

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4 e rugged 10. 2 back
4 e rugged 10. 2 back

Edge-to-Edge Protection

In Your Corner

Brenthaven’s superior proprietary drop protection covers every angle with patented,
edge-to-edge Crumple Zone Corner technology to absorb and deflect impact.

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Instant Upgrade Features

Form and Function

Brenthaven cases don’t just keep devices safe. Multi-functional features like infinite adjustable
stands and Apple Pencil holders enhance the usability of the versatile iPad for in-class and
on-the-job deployments.

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Ditch Downtime

Keep Devices Up and Running

Students and workers rely on their iPad to stay connected, and even a few hours or days without one can be disruptive. Avoiding damage in the first place cuts down on downtime and allows tech directors and IT departments to focus on priorities beyond broken iPad devices.

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Complementary Protection

iPad Cases Designed for
Apple Devices

iPad devices are known for packing a lot of power into a slim design. That’s why Brenthaven
cases are built to provide maximum protection with a sleek, lightweight form factor.

Brenthaven cases feature our patented edge-to-edge Crumble Zone Corner technology
to absorb and deflect the impact of drops, bumps and scratches.

All cases are drop tested up to six (6) feet and TechShell certified featuring maximum
device protection beyond mil-specs, exceeding MIL-STD-810G.

Brenthaven cases offers both maximum drop protection and a quick, easy installation
process, as well as easy-to-clean features.

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Power + Protection

Tangles of charging cables and overloaded charge carts waste valuable space and resources. The new Brenthaven+ system combines our ultra-rugged cases with simple, streamlined charging – without the mess of cables.

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Brenthaven can contribute to
your budget.

Apple iPad Devices

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iPad Protection

Smart Connect
Keyboard Case

Premium, rugged keyboard solution for classroom iPad deployments that easily attaches and detaches.

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Headphone & Headphone with Mic

High-quality headphones and headphones with mic create a distraction-free environment that helps students learn and employees focus.

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