Kids are tough on devices. They drop them, step on them, and spill on them. While it’s important for kids to be careful, we also know that these incidents are a part of the learning experience. So, instead of working to change the children, we work to change the way we protect your devices. The Edge Bounce case is ideal for the K-12 environment and provides the ultimate protection for 9.7” (6th Gen) iPads. Our patented Crumple Zone Corner™ Protection absorbs and deflects impact for those times when your students may have a case of the butterfingers. The internal structure and contoured shape is drop-tested to protect against drops from up to six feet.

Assembly is easy and can be done in 15 seconds or less. The carry handle folds back to prop up your iPad for easy viewing. The Edge Bounce case is charge cart compatible and includes and asset tag window on the back, making it ideal for the classroom environment.

At Brenthaven, our main goal is to bring you peace of mind. With digital literacy becoming evermore important in the educational landscape, we want to make sure that your attention can be on the students and not on the protection of your devices. Kids are tough on devices, but our cases are tougher.

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