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Dell XPS 13 Device Review

Since hitting the market late last year, the Dell XPS 13 has garnered positive reviews and has already topped multiple tech publications’ best laptops of 2016 list. With its lightweight compact design, high-resolution screen and serious processing power, it’s no surprise this 13-inch laptop has quickly become a favorite in the tech industry.

Although it has been a top contender for the past few years, Dell wanted to upgrade the customer favorite by adding a 6th generation Intel Skylake processor, Thunderbolt 3 port and a higher-capacity battery. These new enhancements makes this Dell laptop faster than ever and remains one of the best potable laptops on the market.

One feature that has critics talking about is the nearly borderless “infinity” screen, which is a little bit larger than that of systems with the same footprint. It boasts a bright, colorful display while still having an impressive 12 hour battery life. This long battery life is also a feature that excited many customers as it puts the XPS 13 in MacBook Air territory.

The negative reviews of the Dell XPS 13 included an awkwardly placed webcam and no Windows Hello support, both of which might be small trade offs in the grand scheme of what you’re getting.

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