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Entrepreneur Unplugged: Jane Park

Jane Park is CEO and founder of Julep, one of the world’s fastest-growing beauty products companies. As founder and CEO of Julep, Park’s exuberant personality helped her build an explosive presence in a beauty market estimated to be worth $50 billion a year in sales in the United States alone.

Julep creates and sells over 300 natural, toxin-free nail and skincare products per year, based on crowdsourced feedback from its tens of thousands of devoted customers. In her talk at the Entrepreneur Unplugged event, Park spoke about “social beauty,” the notion that that “beauty is about connection, not competition.” The Julep nail parlors provide a place where she and her staff can connect with women and learn how products are performing. “Physical experience is a great way for any brand to understand where they fit in the world,” Park said, noting that the face-to-face dialogue with customers at the parlors helps Julep acquire valuable feedback. She believes her in-person interaction and creating an innovative customer experience has helped propel Julep as a distinctive brand.

Jane Park credited social media as a helpful tool for collecting input for upcoming products. Park engages with her customers in a personal way and thousands of Julep followers share their opinions back. “We really look at the community as an extension of us,” Park said. “We’re not looking at people who buy our products just as the end consumer. We’re looking at them as being an extension of our team.”

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