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This morning I was in a mad rush to leave the house and get to work. I reached for my latest Brenthaven laptop bag (I have a few) and at the exact same time, my son knocked my coffee out of my hand. As the hot scalding coffee hit my skin, I inadvertently let go of the bag and it, along with all of my precious belongings, fell about 3 feet and hit our wood floors with a thud.

Now, you have to understand, that I am your quintessential mobile tech guy, I love my technology and I spend a lot of time with it. My MacBook Air 13” has my latest TV shows downloaded from iTunes, it holds all 60GB of my eclectic music collection, and it has every photo I’ve shot of my kids since the first one was born 11 years ago. Outside of my family, friends, colleagues and perhaps my road bike, my MacBook Air 13” is my most valuable asset. So I’m watching this bag hit the floor and thinking to myself “great, now I’ll be spending the day at the Apple Store getting my computer fixed.” I gingerly reach down for my Brenthaven laptop bag, pull up the front flap (it’s our cool new Broadmore Messenger Bag) and remove my MacBook. I grin and pump my hand in the air! The Brenthaven protection has kept my MB Air safe and sound. Not a dent, not a scratch, still works perfectly.

Reflecting back on this morning and that transition from absolute fear to sheer joy, I was reminded that this is what the ‘Brenthaven experience’ is all about. This is what we do better than anyone else. We keep our consumers connected to their digital lifestyle. To some, this may seem like a trivial thing, but to those of us living ‘the digital life’, it’s really important. For me today (and for every Brenthaven consumer out there about to drop their bag), it’s the difference between a really bad day and a really good day…

Scott Armstrong

CEO, Brenthaven

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