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Three Reasons To Protect Your Your MacBook Air With a Protective Case  

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It’s no secret that investing in an Apple MacBook Air is an expensive yet worthwhile endeavor. You’re investing in more than just a laptop—you’re investing in a premium technology experience to boost your work or school productivity. However, with big investment comes big responsibility in keeping your device safe. There are numerous opinions out there on whether you should have a MacBook Air case or not, citing concerns about aesthetics or improper venting, but at Brenthaven, we only see one clear answer–your MacBook Air needs a case to stay safe and sound. 

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Daily wear and tear can easily take your sleek and smooth MacBook Air and turn it into ugly, scratched-up aluminum after just a year or two. The elegance of an Apple device deserves more. Your MacBook Air should look just as beautiful on day 1,001 as it did on day 1. Adding a protective, molded case ensures all exposed edges and panels are covered from being jumbled around in a backpack, knocked against a desk, or scratched by a pen or paper clip. This is also important if you are looking to resell or trade-in your device, clean, as aesthetics add to the value. 

Functionality Meets Productivity

Adding a case to your device offers added elements of functionality that don’t exist fresh out of the box. Many cases help create texture and grip leading to safer travel from office to boardroom, or from classroom to classroom during the day. They also create a barrier between device and resting surface, actually allowing for more space and better venting for your MacBook Air. This is important for keeping your device in functional order, and vital for boosting productivity. Add a case and stop worrying about device downtime impacting your work performance or student learning 

Save Your Money

Even in the best-case scenario, repairing an insured MacBook Air will cost, at minimum, a $50 deductible. Without insurance? You are easily looking at hundreds of dollars of repair costs if you crack your screen, damage the casing or break internal components from bumps, drops, and falls. The simple, most cost-effective solution is to add a custom-molded, always-on protective case. The one-time cost of adding a case to your device could mean hundreds of dollars of savings over the life of your MacBook Air.  

How Can Brenthaven Help?

Our 360 for MacBook Air case checks all the boxes. With eight sides of 360° protection, your device can handle any bumps or scratches it may encounter during your busy day while still maintaining the sleek and elegant look that Apple is known for. With a price point that can easily pay for itself in one instance of damage, you can rest assured that your MacBook Air and your pocketbook are protected. Learn more about the 360 case here

Interested in 360 cases for your MacBook Air deployment? Click here to request a quote!

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