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Why More ITDMs and Teachers are Choosing iPads for Classrooms


iPads are a powerful, versatile tool in the classroom. As Chromebook sales decline data shows Apple’s flagship tablet growing in sales since Q3 of 2020. So why are more ITDMs and Teachers choosing iPads for their EdTech deployments over laptops and other tablet brands? Let’s find out!


The price of iPads has fallen considerably since their introduction a decade ago, packing impressive computing power at a price that’s competitive with Chromebooks and laptops. With prices within budget range, 1:1 deployments are quite achievable, especially as EdTech money flows from the COVID-19 recovery bills.

iPads are often considered one of the most durable tech devices available. When used with a protective case, iPads have lower reported device damage rates than other devices such as Chromebooks. This leads to higher resale value at the end of that refresh cycle and more flexibility in new device budgets. Lower repair costs combined with higher resale value adds up over a full deployment.

Google offers Chromebook users enhanced or upgrade options through Google Workspace for Education up to $5 per month per license. Depending on the upgrade options selected and size of your deployment, the monthly fees can be a sizeable amount to include in the total device lifetime cost.

Compatible Accessories

Accessories for iPads also won’t break the bank. Because the models are consistent, schools don’t have to fuss with different cases and bags for different laptop models. Instead, they can buy in bulk and get protection they know will fit perfectly. Brenthaven has a range of durable cases that are suited for every grade level, from extra-rugged cases for drop-prone younger students to sleek cases that protect against scrapes and scratches for older students. No matter the student population, there are Brenthaven cases that fit into any budget.

Need headphones or keyboards? iPads have plug-and-play headphone jacks and keyboards easily connect via lightning port or smart connector. Brenthaven accessories are also made classroom-tough, so they last longer, cutting down on replacement and repair costs. After all, the initial investment is not the only cost ITDMs must consider!

To that end, iPads have quite a long lifespan. If the battery life is suitable and Apple still supports the iOS, iPads are powerful enough to work like new for years.

Easy to Use

Thanks to the widespread use of iPhones, most students are already familiar with the iOS operating system found on iPads. This significantly cuts down the learning curve and lets students dive right into their lessons. But don’t let the approachable operating system fool you – these tables are powerful! In fact, they increasingly can take the place of laptops for more complex computing tasks.

iPads also offer a range of ways for students to interact with their device. Of course, they can simply tap the screen. Or they can connect a keyboard or use an Apple Pencil to control their iPad. Because students learn and use technology in different ways, this flexibility is key to helping every student work in their own preferred way.

Transportability and Stability

Now that many schools have committed to 1:1 deployment, devices no longer spend the night hooked into the classroom charge cart. Instead, they head home with the students in backpacks and on busses. Every ounce counts when students must lug books, supplies, and tech to and from school.

Unlike Chromebooks, which rely largely on cloud storage, iPads have larger onboard storage, so constant Wi-Fi connectivity isn’t essential. This is especially important as the COVID-19 pandemic revealed that up to 40 million Americans lack access to broadband internet at home.

iPads also have the benefit of fewer moving pieces than laptops or Chromebooks. There’s no hinge to wear out, keys to pop off, or screens to damage. Instead of a spinning hard drive, they used flash-based memory. The screens are tough and solid, resisting scratches. But for even more protection – and powerful drop resistance – adding a case or carry bag is essential. Brenthaven cases are tailor-made for Apple products, with the needs of schools in mind. A hearty case helps keep iPads out of the repair shop and in the classroom.

Robust Applications and Support

Apple-issued apps like Schoolwork and Classroom give teachers the tools they need to assign work, post resources, and more. In school, Classroom lets teachers control every iPad in the room, check in on student progress, and easily add students to the class. With Schoolwork, teachers can create and send assignments and reminders, get progress info for each student for each assignment, and individually cater to student needs. For students, Schoolwork is a convenient, central place to see and do assignments for all their classes, as well as monitor their own progress.

iPad apps tend to be more affordable than their desktop counterparts, and the App Store also offers an array of vetted educational apps that teachers can use to enhance their students’ educational experience on a range of subjects. Language learning, plant identification, graphing calculators and so much more are available at teachers’ fingertips. Additionally, native Mac programs like Pages, Numbers, and Keynote give students the ability to easily create professional, polished assignments and projects.

Perfect for Creators

iPads are ideal for creativity. The Apple Pencil puts a range of brushes and pens in students’ hands and an excellent built-in camera allows for crystal-clear images. They are also optimized for Augmented Reality, which unlocks a new level of innovation in the classroom. Students might explore a shape in 3D or examine a frog’s skeleton, no dissection required! The possibilities are endless, and both teachers and students will enjoy finding new ways to bring lessons to life.

Invest and Protect

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why ITDMs are increasingly opting for iPads in the classroom. Make sure this investment lasts for years to come with rugged protection that’s made exclusively for Apple by Brenthaven, a trusted Apple partner.

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We hope you find this interesting and useful. If you would like to know more about these topics, discuss our product collections or receive pricing please reach out to us. Here is a link to contact us and we look forward to speaking with you.

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