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4 Ways Schools Can Improve Communication with Texting

Using texting in the school setting used to be unusual, but nowadays it is becoming more and more vital for schools to use the communication platform students and parents have already adopted. Here are 4 ways how to make it most effective:

Bridge the Communication Gap Between Educators and Parents

Frequently, parents complain about busy schedules and the lack of communication with teachers. Rather than giving your teachers more work in individualized communication via phone or email, simplify their jobs with automated two-way texting between parents and teachers. Your teachers can set up reminders for tests, homework, field trip instructions, links to online forms and more with automated SMS texts. As your teachers approach deadlines for programs or projects, you will find this tool is helpful for keeping everyone on the same page. K-12 devices are crucial for schools, and texting can be the device to instantly improve communication.

Teachers will appreciate having an easy K-12 device for sending out important messages and updates to parents, while parents will appreciate having instant reminders that efficiently get them the information they need. When a parent needs clarification or wants to discuss something more personal, like student behavior or end-of-semester grades, they can request a meeting or ask a question. The teacher can then send a response that directs them to email or sets up a time for a meeting. It is important to set up a professional channel of communication that encourages communication.

Text Alerts for Event Delays and Event Changes

Mass SMS alerts for schools can be very helpful when something interrupts or alters your annual events. If road conditions are hazardous or you need to change a few last-minute event details, you can alert families of changes, warn them of weather conditions or even cancel your event. Texting is an education device that makes it easier to ensure everyone is aware of a last-minute change, even when students aren’t in school.

Improving Teacher and Staff Communication

There are sometimes last-minute shifts in practice times, events and requirements for students. Mass texting can help keep everyone on board and make it easier for your staff to communicate their odd hours and event changes with parents. Automated texting allows staff to send out one alert to all of the necessary contacts. You can even set up your substitute line so that teachers can text in their personal days instead of calling, recording all necessary information in text form with a digital trail rather than voice message.

Send Out Important Reminders

Do parents have outstanding balances or paperwork that has yet to be filled out? With SMS, you can schedule reminders to ensure things are in line for the next semester. It is crucial to have a K-12 device that can send out reminders with links to the paperwork that needs to be completed for parents that have yet to drop off the necessary forms. Remind parents of fees or tuition balances that might be due with simple text updates to increase timely pay. Send out notifications about upcoming class schedules or new assignments that are due at the return of school. Don’t forget to include holiday hours if you are asking for items to be dropped off to your office or staff. You want to utilize texting to try and get things in line for the start of the upcoming semester.

With a K-12 device like texting, you can simply send out one message and choose the relevant contacts list to make sure the right people see the information they need to know. Texting will make your job easier while increasing your connection with parents during this school year.


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