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1:1 Learnings | Berwyn South

Berwyn South District 100 piloted one of the district’s first 1:1 classrooms in 2010 under Instructional Director Shannon Soger. As the years went on, the number of pilots increased until Berwyn South District 100 became a full-scale 1:1 district. Soger attributes the transformation that took place in teaching and learning to the implementation of this technology. Berwyn South District 100 has just over 4,000 students spread over 8 schools. In 2010, Berwyn South began the 1:1 process with pilots in 10 classrooms. By the next year, this number had increased to 90 classrooms or sixty percent 1:1. The next year, 2012, Berwyn South became one hundred percent 1:1 and received the recognition of an Apple Distinguished Program with mostly MacBooks (3,100) and some iPads (1,500). In 2014, the district began putting on a two- day program, their iEngage conference, to showcase their deployment and visionary leadership in technology deployment.

When it came to choosing a partner to protect these 5,000+ devices, Berwyn South chose Brenthaven because of their reputation as a leader in protection for K-12 devices and their status as being an Apple Approved partner for K-12. Since Berwyn South made an extensive investment in MacBooks
and iPads for their classrooms, it was vitally important that they had durable cases that could protect their devices as well as ongoing support as they continued to roll out new devices each year. The Brenthaven Lifetime Guarantee allows Berwyn South to trust that their technology and cases will be supported over their lifetime, and not only within a warranty period. To date, Brenthaven has provided over 4,000 cases to support Berwyn South’s deployment.

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