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Trading in and Trading up

Everyone knows it’s good to recycle. But did you know that recycling your fleet of iPads and MacBooks is beneficial in more ways than one? Beyond the environmental upsides, trade-in programs can ensure data security and give your ed tech budget a boost.

Credit where credit’s due

If you’re upgrading your devices, don’t leave value on the table. Apple’s Trade-In Program for Education and other similar programs are designed to recover the remaining value of your current tech – including non-Apple products – and apply that credit toward new items. When trying to do the most with limited budgets, every cent counts. Trading in reduces the overall cost of ownership and keeping devices in great shape maximizes their trade-in value.

So how much are these trades worth? Apple devices can often be worth around 50% of their original value, while Chromebooks retain about 25-40%. You can see how these numbers can add up fast!

Looking sharp

Making the most of the Apple Trade-In Program is just one of the many reasons why protecting your fleet is so important. Over the life of devices, a rugged case keeps them in service longer and looking new, even in the challenging K-12 environment!

Brenthaven cases are tailor-made for Apple products, with products designed to fit every model perfectly. Why does that matter? A durable case protects against pricey damage, like drops, falls, and splats. And when iPads and MacBooks spend their days in backpacks and buses, those kinds of accidents are bound to happen.

But day-to-day damage adds up, too. A scrape here, a scratch there… they might not take a device out of service, but why leave it to chance? Our surveys showed the most common replacement cycle for 1:1 deployments is 3-4 years. That’s why superior protection is an investment that pays off immediately and for years to come, especially when it comes time to trade in!

Good for you, good for the Earth

There’s no question – reusing and recycling devices is the right choice for the environment. When you trade student devices up to the newest model, older, but still usable, iPads and MacBooks can enjoy a second life as a brand new (refurbished) device for someone else.

But what happens to tablets and laptops that are just too old or damaged? Technology disposal can be a hassle, and you want to know it’s being done right. The Apple Trade-In Program for Education has an answer for that, too!

Apple’s and most other vendor trade-in programs offer a few great guarantees. They always make sure data is securely disposed of. And most importantly, they protect the environment by recycling components and materials as responsibly as possible, without harmful working conditions. Apple’s program takes this responsibility seriously by not sending materials outside of North America, so as to not pass the burden overseas or allow their standards to be overlooked.


When devices are reused or recycled, everyone wins. Students get to enjoy cutting-edge technology that supports their educational journey, the second-hand market gets an influx of great devices, and student data is securely destroyed before recycling. When devices are protected with Brenthaven cases, your budget wins the most!

Make the most of device trade-in programs by protecting your deployment today with rugged, school-ready cases. You’ll cut down on repairs and replacements, keep iPads and MacBooks looking sharp, and get more for your trade-in when it’s time to upgrade! Contact our school device protection team to learn more.

We hope you find this interesting and useful. If you would like to know more about these topics, discuss our product collections or receive pricing please reach out to us. Here is a link to contact us and we look forward to speaking with you.

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