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Deal Registration Program Guidelines

Brenthaven values our partnership, and is confident that our updated deal registration program will make it easier for you to offer Brenthaven products to your customers.

Simplified min 2
Invested min 2
Leveled up min 2


  • Registering partner must be an authorized reseller. Click here to apply if not authorized.
  • Minimum quantity of 100 units per SKU/PO (exceptions apply for roll-out opportunities).
  • Opportunity will close within 90 days (Extensions may be allowed as necessary).


  • All fields must be completed on the deal registration form.
  • Our team will send notification of approval/denial within 2 hours of receipt of complete deal registration form.
  • Request for quote will be sent to preferred distribution partner(s) within 2 hours.
  • Distribution partner will provide quote within 24 hours.


  • Full sales support through the duration of the opportunity provided to assist with winning the opportunity.
  • Approved deals will receive special pricing discounts, based on the total units registered, to assist with competitive bids.
  • First Partner Approval:
    • Tier 1  –  100-499 units
    • Tier 2  –  500-1,499 units
    • Tier 3  –  1,500-4,999 units
    • Tier 4 –  >5,000 units, manager approval
  • Secondary partner submissions for the same opportunity, based on the end user and products registered, may qualify for a discount but at one-half of the discount awarded to the first partner approved.
  • Protected pricing for 90 days. An extension may be allowed upon request.

Reasons for Denial

  • Registering partner is not an authorized reseller.
  • Opportunity does not meet the 100 unit minimum order quantity.
  • RFPs and contracts are not eligible.
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Request a Quote

Fill out the form below to request a quote and we’ll get in touch shortly!