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Brenthaven molded cases are now ‘TechShell Authorized’!

Here at Brenthaven, we pride ourselves in being an industry leader in the education tech accessories industry. That’s why we’ve joined the TechShell Partner Program. Our TechShell Authorization ensures that Brenthaven’s molded cases will fit perfectly and stay on during those inevitable drops.

Brenthaven’s Edge Case for the 11-inch MacBook Air is a custom-molded case that provides maximum protection but doesn’t add bulk to the slim MacBook Air design. This case features our Patented Crumple Zone Corner™ Protection which utilizes a unique internal structure and contoured shape to create maximum shock absorption in the corners of the case. These corners are constructed with thermoplastic polyurethane that extends along the sides of the case. Combined with a transparent polycarbonate top and bottom, this case provides ultimate protection and functionality.

A flexible hinge design provides protection for the hinge of the device while allowing for ventilation as well. We have also included perforated holes along the bottom of the case to keep your device cool. When the case is open, the keyboard is elevated allowing for more ergonomic typing.

The Edge for MacBook Air is lightweight, adding only .84 lbs of weight to your device. It’s can also be installed in five seconds or less, making this the perfect case for your device. The MacBook air was designed with convenience in mind. Apple wanted to create a lighter, more portable option as opposed to the original MacBook, making it the perfect device for the K-12 environment. However, a lighter, smaller device makes it more difficult to keep safe. That’s why we created the Edge case designed specifically for this device. Check it out today at or request a sample!

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Introducing the Edge Rugged Keyboard. The perfect typing solution for any iPad.

Typing on the iPad is not necessarily the easiest task. The keyboard takes up too much of the interface and the touch screen makes typos a common occurrence. Since the ability to type is an important skill for K-12 students to possess, we think it’s important for them to have a keyboard that doesn’t make it more difficult.

The Edge Rugged Keyboard is designed for use with and and all iPads. With a rugged, MFI lightning cable, it plugs right in to your device so that it not only doesn’t need to be charged, but it’s super easy to use. We’ve included a sleek, compact organization system that allows the durable, braided cord to tuck away into the edges of the device so that it doesn’t get tangled.

Our reinforced Crumple Zone™ corners shield the most vulnerable areas of the keyboard and allow it to survive falls from up to four feet, exceeding military standard MIL-STD-810G. This patented technology uses a unique internal structure of air pockets and a contoured shape to allow for maximum shock absorption.

The red, o-ring around the keys make them tamper-proof, durable, and water resistant which means it’s the perfect addition to your classroom setup. We’ve also made sure that your students’ wrists are protected with an ergonomic typing angle that ensures maximum comfort while they’re using their devices.

The Edge Rugged Keyboard is design specifically for the rigors of the K-12 environment. It’s the perfect keyboard for use with iPads and will make you and your students’ lives easier. However, it’s also perfect if you’re just looking for a keyboard to use with your personal device. Check it out today or request a sample so you can test it out in person!

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Microsoft Announces NEW Surface Pro ​See what makes this device “the most versatile laptop” in the market.

Microsoft recently introduced the New Surface Pro – an innovative fusion of a laptop and tablet flaunted as “the most versatile laptop” in the market. Featuring three versatile modes – Laptop, Studio, and Tablet – the new Surface Pro lets users create, work, and play virtually anywhere.

Engineered for those need ultimate power and performance, the New Surface Pro focuses on a longer battery life, faster speed, and razor-sharp resolution. It’s thin and lightweight design is easy to carry around and slip into smaller bags, such as the Collins Backpack or Medina Backpack. The 12.3” PixelSense™ Display provides a vibrant display and brilliant color, perfect for the creative Surface Pro users.

Integrated with the latest Intel® Core™ processor, the New Surface Pro delivers even more speed and performance than its predecessors – up to 50% more battery life than Surface Pro 4 and 2.5x more performance than Surface Pro 3. With more better life than any MacBook Air on the market, this laptop is ideal for students who are in class all day or commuters taking their device to and from work.

If you are thinking about ordering the Microsoft New Surface Pro or have already purchased one, prolong the lifetime of your devices with the BX2 Edge for New Surface Pro.

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Lenovo N22 Review Review of the Lenovo N22 Chromebook for K-12

Made specifically for the education setting, the Lenovo N22 is an affordable and reliable solution for 1:1 device deployment. Coming in around $200, this Chromebook has impressive specs, including a 3.8 GB of R.A.M and an Intel Celeron processor with 2 cores running at 1.60GHz. Taking the life of a student into account, it’s clear Lenovo designed this Chromebook for everyday use in the classroom.

The Lenovo N22 features a non-slip textured surface which helps combat scratches while providing a better grip on the device. This also prevents the Chomebook from accidentally sliding off the desk and causing corner damage. The water-resistant “anti-peel keyboard” prevents students from taking off the keys, making it harder to damage this device.

With an average 9.09 sec boot time, battery life of up to 10 hours, and only 2.8 lbs in weight, the compact Lenovo N22 is a valuable solution for any school. Slip the Lenovo N22 into the Tred Backpack or 13-inch Tred Sleeve Plus for added protection in the K-12 environment. Check out more case solutions for the K-12 environment.

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New 9.7-inch iPad Pro Apple introduces new 9.7-inch iPad Pro

Apple recently unveiled the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro, an upgraded version of the iPad Pro that has been scaled down to a smaller, air-sized model. Touted as Apple’s most advanced tablet, the smaller 9.7-inch iPad Pro has many features to get excited about. Just as thin and light as an iPad Air 2, the new iPad Pro features an innovative True Tone screen system, a flash for iPad’s rear-facing iSight camera, and Apple’s A9X chip, providing enough power for image and video editing, drawing, data crunching, Web browsing and more.

If you’re considering buying the new iPad Pro, ensure the life of your device with rugged Brenthaven 9.7-inch iPad Pro cases designed for maximum tablet protection. Brenthaven offers many different styles of cases for 9.7-inch iPad Pro, including custom-fit cases, messenger bags, sleeves, and couriers. The Collins Sleeve Plus is custom-fit for iPad Pro and is perfectly sized for slipping inside of a larger bag while on the go. Equipped with a dedicated pocket large enough for iPhone 6+ and a slot for the Apple Pencil, this sleeve is the ideal carry-all for the 9.7-inch iPad Pro user.

If you’re looking for more rugged protection, the BX²™ Edge for 9.7-inch iPad Pro for is an innovative case solution for the iPad Pro. The case features a solid TPU design that uses proprietary BX²™ Xtreme Foam and impact-dispersing corner construction to achieve maximum drop protection. The BX² Edge can be used with or without the Apple Smart Keyboard, and includes an integrated recess for Apple Pencil.

Whether you will be using your new iPad in the home or on the road, make sure to invest in a protective 9.7-inch iPad Pro case to maximize the lifetime of your device.

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Dell XPS 13 Device Review See what makes the Dell XPS 13 one of the best laptops of 2015

Since hitting the market late last year, the Dell XPS 13 has garnered positive reviews and has already topped multiple tech publications’ best laptops of 2016 list. With its lightweight compact design, high-resolution screen and serious processing power, it’s no surprise this 13-inch laptop has quickly become a favorite in the tech industry.

Although the Dell XPS 13 has been a top contender for the past few years, Dell wanted to upgrade the customer favorite by adding a 6th generation Intel Skylake processor, Thunderbolt 3 port and a higher-capacity battery. These new enhancements makes this Dell laptop faster than ever and remains one of the best potable laptops on the market.

One feature that has critics talking about is the nearly borderless “infinity” screen, which is a little bit larger than that of systems with the same footprint. It boasts a bright, colorful display while still having an impressive 12 hour battery life. This long battery life is also a feature that excited many customers as it puts the XPS 13 in MacBook Air territory.

The negative reviews of the Dell XPS 13 included an awkwardly placed webcam and no Windows Hello support, both of which might be small trade offs in the grand scheme of what you’re getting.

If you have bought a Dell XPS 13 or are currently thinking about it, ensure maximum protection of your new device with Brenthaven cases for Dell XPS 13, including Dell XPS 13 sleeves, messenger bags, briefcases and backpacks.

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New 12-inch Macbook Review An ideal laptop solution for the modern-day entrepreneur.

The new 12-inch MacBook is ideal for the modern-day entrepreneur due to its fast processing and amazingly thin and light design. The redesign of the 12-inch MacBook finally brings Apple’s Retina display from the MacBook Pro line to its ultra-thin MacBooks. The reinvented flat keyboard and trackpad offer better usability and creates an over-all superior design compared to its predecessors. The 12-inch MacBook includes a high-resolution Retina screen, strong battery life and 256GB of solid state storage, making it a clear choice for on-the-go professionals and those who do most of their work in a web browser.

For mobile entrepreneurs who travel frequently and are ready for a laptop upgrade, and for web workers who spend a large amount of time working in the cloud, the 12-inch MacBook is a clear winner. If you are looking for ultimate protection for your new 12-inch MacBook, shop a collection of Brenthaven 12-inch MacBook sleeves that are designed to provide scratch protection and wrap your device in a layer of high density foam.

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New Sleeves for Microsoft Surface 3 A protective solution and perfect fit for Microsoft Surface 3.

The Brenthaven collection of sleeves provide a protective solution and perfect fit for Microsoft Surface 3.

Brenthaven is pleased to announce a collection of styled and protective sleeves specially designed for the Microsoft Surface 3. The collection includes the Collins Secure Grip Sleeve for Surface 3 and Collins Sleeve Plus for Surface 3, both available in Graphite and Indigo Chambray. Starting at $39.95, the Collins Collection for Surface 3 is an affordable option for everyone from students to mobile professionals.

Brenthaven worked closely with the Surface team to develop the best products available to the Surface customer. All Brenthaven Designed for Surface products come with a dedicated slot for Surface Pen, and are custom-fit for Surface 3 or Surface Pro 3. In addition, they feature discrete pockets for Surface accessories.
The Collins Secure Grip Sleeve for Surface 3 is a comfortable and stylish case. Its contoured shape and Secure Grip handle deliver an excellent carrying experience, and its slim silhouette fits easily into larger bags. Designed specifically for Surface 3, this slim sleeve features a custom slot for Surface Pen and a zippered rear pocket for the Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition, Wedge Touch Mouse Surface Edition or other small accessories.

The Collins Sleeve Plus for Surface 3 is the optimal home for the Surface 3 and its accessories. This Surface 3 sleeve is custom-fit for Surface 3 with a dedicated slot for Surface Pen. A front pocket with magnetic closure provides secure yet immediate access to your mouse, charging cable and phone.

The Collins Collection for Surface 3 will be available at and Microsoft stores around the country at the end of April. The Collins Collection with these and new designs will be available at the end of June. The collection ranges in price from $39.95 to $44.95, and is backed by the Brenthaven 100% Lifetime Guarantee.