11-inch MacBook Air

Camel Chambray

Collins 11″ Sleeve

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Collins Backpack

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Collins Convertible Backpack

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Collins Horizontal Messenger Bag

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Brenthaven MacBook sleeves, cases and bags are crafted with superior protection and innovative features for the digital lifestyle. All Brenthaven MacBook cases feature fitted device compartments and padded interiors that absorb impact and prevent scratching, providing unparalleled drop protection for your MacBook during your commute or travel. The durable exteriors of Brenthaven laptop sleeves and cases add a second dimension of protection by helping to shield your devices from the elements. The Medina Collection and Collins Collection feature sleek silhouettes and a modern design perfect for the urban entrepreneur. For the more active entrepreneur, the BX²™ Collection and Velo Collection are specifically designed for the working professional always on-the-go. For a more polished and refined laptop bag, the Mercer Collection and Elliot Collection are luxiouriously appointed and optimally protective.