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Metrolite Backpack

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20 reviews

ProStyle™ Backpack

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21 reviews

ProStyle™ SlimPack

5.00 out of 5 based on 17 customer ratings
17 reviews

Tred Alpha Backpack 2017


Tred Backpack Color Bands


WITH LEGENDARY PROTECTION AND CONTEMPORARY DETAILS, Brenthaven laptop backpacks are guaranteed to provide peace of mind for your digital lifestyle. The Collins Backpack, Collins Convertible Backpack and Medina Backpack are perfect for those who want the capacity and functionality of a backpack but appreciate sophisticated design. For a more professional style, the Elliot Backpack and Broadmore Backpack feature a more polished, traditional aesthetic without compromising the legendary functionality and device protection Brenthaven is famous for. With beautiful design, superior construction and highly functional features, Brenthaven backpacks for MacBooks and laptops offer the ultimate pairing of protection and style.