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Brenthaven molded cases are now ‘TechShell Authorized’!

Here at Brenthaven, we pride ourselves in being an industry leader in the education tech accessories industry. That’s why we’ve joined the TechShell Partner Program. Our TechShell Authorization ensures that Brenthaven’s molded cases will fit perfectly and stay on during those inevitable drops.

Brenthaven’s Edge Case for the 11-inch MacBook Air is a custom-molded case that provides maximum protection but doesn’t add bulk to the slim MacBook Air design. This case features our Patented Crumple Zone Corner™ Protection which utilizes a unique internal structure and contoured shape to create maximum shock absorption in the corners of the case. These corners are constructed with thermoplastic polyurethane that extends along the sides of the case. Combined with a transparent polycarbonate top and bottom, this case provides ultimate protection and functionality.

A flexible hinge design provides protection for the hinge of the device while allowing for ventilation as well. We have also included perforated holes along the bottom of the case to keep your device cool. When the case is open, the keyboard is elevated allowing for more ergonomic typing.

The Edge for MacBook Air is lightweight, adding only .84 lbs of weight to your device. It’s can also be installed in five seconds or less, making this the perfect case for your device. The MacBook air was designed with convenience in mind. Apple wanted to create a lighter, more portable option as opposed to the original MacBook, making it the perfect device for the K-12 environment. However, a lighter, smaller device makes it more difficult to keep safe. That’s why we created the Edge case designed specifically for this device. Check it out today at or request a sample!

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Turn your iPad into a laptop with the Edge Click-Connect Keyboard Case

Available Summer 2019. 45 seconds or less is all you need to take your device from iPad to laptop with the Edge Click-Connect Keyboard Case. This case was designed with tons of K-12 friendly features that make it our most innovative case yet.

The Edge Click-Connect Keyboard case has all the key features that you have come to love and expect from Brenthaven. It’s drop tested to protect against falls from up to four feet; so it exceeds Military Drop-Test Standards. Making this possible is our Patented Crumple Zone™ Corner Protection. These corners utilize a unique internal structure and shape to create maximum shock absorption in the corners of the case. It also features a translucent back that allows for barcode scanning, easy asset management, and customization. It also includes a durable, pop-out kickstand that easily transposes the case into three viewing angles. The slim design makes it charge cart compatible and the case itself boasts our 100% lifetime guarantee, while the keyboard holds a one year warranty.

Let’s talk about this keyboard. It connects with a single click, making it super easy to install. It’s also water resistant and ergonomically designed to ensure a comfortable typing experience for your students. Upon closure, the keyboard fits perfectly together with the rest of the case to protect the screen when the device is in a bag or backpack. However, if you’re wanting more screen protection, a clear screen overlay can be purchased separately. There is also an optional Apple Pencil/Logitech Crayon holder that can be purchased separately as well.

We’ve truly thought of everything when it comes to this case, however, if you need more convincing, you can head on over to to learn more and request a sample.

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Introducing the Edge Rugged Keyboard. The perfect typing solution for any iPad.

Typing on the iPad is not necessarily the easiest task. The keyboard takes up too much of the interface and the touch screen makes typos a common occurrence. Since the ability to type is an important skill for K-12 students to possess, we think it’s important for them to have a keyboard that doesn’t make it more difficult.

The Edge Rugged Keyboard is designed for use with and and all iPads. With a rugged, MFI lightning cable, it plugs right in to your device so that it not only doesn’t need to be charged, but it’s super easy to use. We’ve included a sleek, compact organization system that allows the durable, braided cord to tuck away into the edges of the device so that it doesn’t get tangled.

Our reinforced Crumple Zone™ corners shield the most vulnerable areas of the keyboard and allow it to survive falls from up to four feet, exceeding military standard MIL-STD-810G. This patented technology uses a unique internal structure of air pockets and a contoured shape to allow for maximum shock absorption.

The red, o-ring around the keys make them tamper-proof, durable, and water resistant which means it’s the perfect addition to your classroom setup. We’ve also made sure that your students’ wrists are protected with an ergonomic typing angle that ensures maximum comfort while they’re using their devices.

The Edge Rugged Keyboard is design specifically for the rigors of the K-12 environment. It’s the perfect keyboard for use with iPads and will make you and your students’ lives easier. However, it’s also perfect if you’re just looking for a keyboard to use with your personal device. Check it out today or request a sample so you can test it out in person!

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Our sleeves are backed by a 100% Lifetime Guarantee.

Let’s talk sleeves. And no, we’re not talking about the sleeves attached to your coat. Brenthaven offers a wide variety of protective sleeves for your devices so that you don’t have to settle for a style that doesn’t fit your needs. They’re constructed with durable material, tons of K-12 friendly features, and have a 100% Lifetime Guarantee.

The Tred Horizontal Sleeve provides maximum protection for K-12 laptops. The rugged sleeve features 360 degrees of inner foam protection to protect against compression and drops from up to four feet. This sleeve features a sturdy, tuck-away handle and available shoulder strap (sold separately) to make it super easy for kids to carry to and from classes. The tuck-away accessory pouch fits the device charger and cords, and easily folds back into the case when not in use. The Tred Horizontal Sleeve fits all laptops and Chromebooks from 11″ to 14″.

The Tred Sleeve is a Brenthaven bestseller. With a rigid wall frame and 6 sides of padding, it provides the ultimate protection for your devices. It features an accessory pouch that can accommodate your device charger, an optional carrying strap, and a rear panel ID card window so your students can keep everything together! The top carry handle makes it easy to access from any backpack and we have sizes available for all laptops and Chromebooks up to 14″.

Our Tred Flex Sleeve is a protective case that has the ability to adapt and adjust to most sizes and thicknesses so it’s suitable for most devices. The Brenthaven patent-pending HDF™ Protection System makes this case lightweight with a high-density foam cradle system. This minimizes your device’s vulnerability in case of a drop.

For all of these sleeves and more, visit

Or, if you would like to Request a Quote, we’ll send you a FREE Sample!

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Bounce back in 2019 with this K-12 Edge Bounce Case for iPads

Kids are tough on devices. They drop them, step on them, and spill on them. While it’s important for kids to be careful, we also know that these incidents are a part of the learning experience. So, instead of working to change the children, we work to change the way we protect your devices.

The Edge Bounce case is ideal for the K-12 environment and provides the ultimate protection for 9.7” (6th Gen) iPads. Our patented Crumple Zone Corner™ Protection absorbs and deflects impact for those times when your students may have a case of the butterfingers. The internal structure and contoured shape is drop-tested to protect against drops from up to six feet.

Assembly is easy and can be done in 15 seconds or less. The carry handle folds back to prop up your device for easy viewing. The Edge Bounce case is charge cart compatible and includes and asset tag window on the back, making it ideal for the classroom environment.

At Brenthaven, our main goal is to bring you peace of mind. With digital literacy becoming evermore important in the educational landscape, we want to make sure that your attention can be on the students and not on the protection of your devices. Kids are tough on devices, but our cases are tougher.

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We’ve got you covered with our Tred Horizontal Sleeve.

We want to make sure that your devices are always protected; in the classroom and between classes. While stationary and during transport. The Tred Horizontal sleeve is our solution for those times when you and your device are in motion.

With 360 degrees of inner foam protection and a rigid wall frame, this sleeve will protect your device against compression and drops up to 4 feet. Sound a little bulky to you? Well, we made sure that this sleeve has all the protection with none of the bulk. With 4 available sizes, the Tred Horizontal Sleeve will fit all laptops and Chromebooks from 11 to 14 inches and is only 1.25 inches thick!

For such a slim profile, this sleeve comes packed with features that have been designed specifically with the K-12 set in mind. The sturdy, tuck-away carry handle makes it easy for students to carry their devices between classes. A tuck-away accessory pouch allows for them to keep everything in one place and the top loop allows for easy removal from bags and backpacks. We also included a clear slot that makes your kids’ student ID card easily accessible.

As always, this product comes with Brenthaven’s 100% Lifetime Guarantee. With over 35 years of service under our belts, we know what it takes to protect your devices. Learn more about the Tred Horizontal Sleeve here, and if you’re going to be deploying multiple devices, you can request a sample here.

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NEW 2019 CATALOG AVAILABLE The Brenthaven 2019 K-12 product assortment is now available!

The Brenthaven 2019 K-12 product assortment is now available!

View the Catalog Now

From iPads to MacBooks and Chromebooks, Brenthaven has your devices covered in 2019. We offer best-in-class iPad and laptop cases that exceed military specifications (MILSPEC). Our cases are customized to fit the needs of your classrooms. We offer carrying solutions for students who will be taking their devices home or between classrooms, charging cart compatible solutions for those that will be staying in the classroom, and everything in between.

Brenthaven is proud to announce the addition of new categories to our 2019 accessories lineup – keyboards, headphones and headsets.

Brenthaven keyboards are loaded with K-12 friendly features including a tuck-away rugged MFI lightning cable, reinforced Crumple Zone corners, and drop protection of up to 4 feet. They are water resistant, temper-proof, and ergonomically designed for smaller hands to use.

Brenthaven rugged headphones and headsets are designed for student testing and assessments and are built tough enough to withstand the rigors of the K-12 environment. With a 3.5mm headphone jack, 5-foot long braided, chew-proof cord, and twistable, non-break headband, Brenthaven headphones and headsets are versatile and built to last.

When you partner with Brenthaven, you have access to over 35 years of expertise and service. Our craftsmanship and integrity have made us the leading designer and manufacturer of premium cases for the K-12 market since 2002. Technology is something that is constantly changing, growing, and adapting and we pride ourselves in being able to keep up with it and protect it. As one of your greatest investments, your classroom technology needs to be protected from everyday wear and tear as well as drops and falls. That’s where we come in. We make sure that your devices are protected so that you can focus on educating our next generation of students.

Are you ready to test drive a Brenthaven case for your next device deployment? Fill out our sample request form and one of our reps will reach out to you to understand your plans and get you the perfect product for your next deployment.

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Edge Rugged Keyboard ​Understanding the benefits, similarities and differences of charging solutions for K-12 school technology.

Brenthaven has been the leading provider K-12 cases for over 35 years supporting the K-12 EDU market since 2002. Creating rugged cases designed for every device, grade, and usage scenario, Brenthaven has a proven track record of designing and manufacturing premium cases for K-12. Now Brenthaven is taking on a new challenge of providing the best keyboard on the market for education.

Introducing the Edge™ Rugged Keyboard designed to work with all iPad models. It’s loaded with K-12 friendly features including a tuck-away rugged MFI lightning cable with ruggedized lightning tip. Clear silicone covers and waterproofs the keyboard buttons and pad to help prevent prying and increase durability. TPE surrounds 360 degrees of the keyboard and reinforced Crumple Zone corner protection allow the Edge Rugged Keyboard to withstand drops of up to 6 feet. It has molded cable routing around the perimeter of the keyboard for cable management. The cable snaps into them easily and has rugged junction point where the cable comes out of the keyboard, so the keyboard is protected against damage from every angle.

It weighs just under a pound and is compact (10.35” W x 0.65” H x 6.6” D) making it easy to carry around for students and teachers walking from classroom to classroom. The Edge™ Rugged Keyboard is completely waterproof and built with a ruggedized lightning tip that is made to last in every classroom usage scenario.

Brenthaven stands behind all our keyboards with a one-year guarantee against damage, the best keyboard warranty in the industry.

The Edge Rugged Keyboard will be available to purchase starting in January 2019. Samples can be reserved now!

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