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Giving Back

Volunteering with Pasado’s Safe Haven ​The Brenthaven team volunteers with Pasado’s Safe Haven READ MORE

The Brenthaven team recently volunteered with Pasado’s Safe Haven, a local non-profit that investigates animal cruelty crimes and provides sanctuary and rehabilitation to animals who have suffered from abuse and neglect. Employees of Brenthaven got down and dirty and cleaned the infirmary as well as assisted in making props for an upcoming fund-raising event.

In addition to investigating animal cruelty crimes and providing sanctuary and rehabilitation to animals who have suffered from abuse and neglect, Pasado’s Safe Haven also advocates for better laws to protect animals and works to educate the public about how they can help end animal suffering. Through its uniquely comprehensive programs, Pasado’s Safe Haven is able to help thousands of animals every year and spread a message of compassion to countless people.

The Brenthaven team is proud to support Pasado’s Safe Haven and be part of their mission to end animal cruelty.

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Giving Back

Triple Impact Program: Earth Corps Volunteering with Earth Corps as part of the Brenthaven Triple Impact Program.

Brenthaven recently volunteered with EarthCorps as part of the Brenthaven Triple Impact Program. The Triple Impact Program allows Brenthaven employees to feel connected to their community by giving time and resources to causes they are passionate about. This is done by donating 1% of time, 1% of product and 1% of profits throughout the year to different organizations.

Seattle-based EarthCorp trains emerging environmental leaders from across the United States and engages more than 10,000 volunteers each year to restore natural areas around the Puget Sound region. The Brenthaven team put on their work gloves and completed over 13,000 square feet of new invasive plant removal in Discovery Park. In order to help create healthy forests, the Brenthaven team focused on removing aggressive weeds such as English Ivy and Himalayan Blackberry and maintained areas where these weeds have been removed. The end goal of this project was to improve Discovery Park in Seattle, providing a healthy and thriving forest and a place for people to connect with the outdoors. With the help of EarthCorps and Brenthaven volunteers, Discovery Park will continue to offer a biologically rich and diverse natural area for urban dwellers and an unmatched opportunity for environmental education.

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Giving Back, Life at Brenthaven

Seattle to Portland Bike Ride Brenthaven employees participate in the Seattle to Portland (STP) bike ride.

At 6AM On Saturday, July 14th, five ambitious Brenthaven employees took off on their bicycles to complete the well known Seattle to Portland (STP) Bike ride. After a grueling ride the team camped and spent the night in Chehalis, only to awake bright and early the next morning to complete the trek down to Portland, Oregon.

Brent Lundstrom, a Brenthaven Sales Channel Manager was able to use our unique commuter program to get set up with gear for the STP ride.

“I love working at Brenthaven! I’m an avid mountain biker and have always liked biking to work when I can. I was asked to join the Brenthaven bike team for Seattle to Portland ride earlier this summer. I didn’t really have a good road bike for this 200 mile ride… Brenthaven has this sweet commuter program where they pay you to commute to work. I was able to use this money to buy a new bike. Now I’m riding 4-5 days a week, getting fit, being eco-friendly and have a sweet new bike to show for it!”- Brent

The ride was a great experience for all involve, in the words of one Brenthaven rider:

“Training and riding for STP was a great physical and mental challenge. We had amazing views and roadside adventures that included a bee sting, one flat tire and someone flipping over the handle bars and landing on other rider that wrecked while taking a picture going 20 mph. The most memorable parts included crossing the bridge into Oregon with thousands of cyclists, looking forward to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at each rest stop and the beer garden at the end of the ride.”

Here at Brenthaven we support the biking community not only as an enjoyable pastime with fitness benefits, but also as part of our Zero Impact™ strategy towards environmental sustainability. By encouraging our employees to bike to work we are able to reduce carbon emissions and our company’s footprint as a whole.