Life at Brenthaven

Finding “Balance” in Design How Brenthaven finds the right balance of style, function and innovation.

It’s not about designing products for the sake of putting more stuff out there. Besides, the world is already full of so many product choices, many of them bad. Instead, at Brenthaven it’s about finding the right balance of style, function and innovation through a considered design process that makes the end result worthwhile, compelling and desirable. A product that can bridge the gap to its audience by generating an emotional connection can be highly rewarding for the creator and receiver. That reward is usually reinforced through the life of the Brenthaven product in terms off the purpose it serves, the difference it brings and the inherent built in quality.

There are many consumer products in the market regardless of their respective category that fall short of this “balance.” Many are purely style driven while others completely lack unique aesthetics and are more utilitarian in nature. These solutions often end up in market for some amount of time, but tend to be short lived and ultimately leave a void in the consumer experience. Consumers are savvy, however they move on if their needs aren’t being met. You might fool them once, but chances are they won’t come back again. On the other hand, when a Brenthaven product merges those key three key elements of style/function/and innovation in a considered and consistent way, the impression can be lasting and the bond between brand and consumer can be built.

As for the Brenthaven designer behind the idea, it’s essential to continually evaluate that balance throughout the actual design process and, never lose site of it. That’s easy to say and hard to do. Sometimes compromises in the design are made along the way to conform with manufacturing processes, cost constraints, or even biased feedback. This is normal and it becomes the Brenthaven designer’s responsibility to properly filter what is going to resonate in the end solution. Those behind the product must ensure alignment in the objectives and maintain a focused effort from start to finish. If this is done, then the chance for long-term success of a new product increases dramatically when one has adhered to these key principles of design.