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Executive Director of Instructional

Technology Bend-La Pine Schools

Here in Bend-La Pine Schools we have almost 5,000 iPad Airs protected with Brenthaven’s BX2 Edge iPad cases. Our parents and students have been very pleased with the quality of the case and the level of protection it provides. The sturdy BX2 materials and construction make for easy installation and a snug fit. The impact-absorbing design of the corners and the screen cover provide protection for the most vulnerable areas of the device. Overall, we have been very happy with our selection of these cases and have been very satisfied with the level of customer service Brenthaven has provided to meet our needs.


Executive Director of Technology

Olathe Public Schools, Olathe, KS

Our school district recently purchased nearly 10,000 Edge 360 cases for the 5th generation iPad. We evaluated a significant number of similar products from similar vendors and found no comparable product. Not only is the product outstanding, the support and communication from Brenthaven staff is equally impressive. The staff are committed to the quality of the product and to customer satisfaction. The Edge 360 model is perfect for our young children in and out of the classroom. Previous cases have quickly proven to be flawed in design or in the manufacturing process. The Brenthaven cases are the right cases for our kids, and the reasonable price point makes the Edge 360 a very smart choice for schools.


Support & Technology Coordinator

Talladega County Schools

We began a one to one computer initiative last year with MacBooks in our secondary schools and needed a satisfactory way to protect them. We researched different products and companies and always came back to Brenthaven. They have been extremely helpful in partnering with us in every phase to determine the right product for our needs. They have gone beyond what was expected of them in making sure we were pleased with their service and product. We have purchased both backpacks and MacBook Sleeves from Brenthaven and I would highly recommend them to anyone needing this type of service.


Technology Director

McDowell County Schools

The Brenthaven backpacks gave us a consistent way to keep our Chromebooks secure and damage free. By purchasing them for all students, we gave parents one less thing to buy. Adding the McDowell High School star logo definitely promoted our school spirit. Brenthaven has been a breeze to work with. The backpacks are tough and can handle everything our students have thrown at them.



Lebanon High School

After experiencing a technology breakage rate of over 30%, we made the switch to Brenthaven cases and saw our device breakage rate decrease to less than 1%.


Chief Technology Officer

Baldwin County Public Schools

Kids take their school laptops everywhere. The Brenthaven cases are built to protect their laptops even in the worst conditions. But that’s just part of the story. Students are tough on the cases and we’ve had no problem getting the cases replaced. As the school Technology Director, Brenthaven makes my job easier!


Chief Technology Officer

Mooresville Graded School District

The motto of Mooresville Graded School District is Every Child Every Day, and our strategic partner Brenthaven is helping us meet this goal. Through our Digital Conversion, we have put a laptop and backpack in the hands of every 4th-12th grader. Protecting our investment with a Brenthaven bag has been a major factor to our success.


Technology Director

Greene County Schools

Not only are we pleased with the cases, working with Brenthaven is a true pleasure. Thanks bunches for taking such good care of us.


Technology Director

Trinity Catholic High School – Ocala, FL

The Edge 360 case has been very good. It really addresses many of the issues that I find with cases.

  1. Camera cover – The case leaves the camera exposed all the time. This is a good thing. Honestly, I have never had a camera cover that I was happy with. They are a nuisance rather than a benefit. So don’t add a cover, please.
  2. The stand is fantastic. It really allows you to use the iPad the way it was meant to be used. Easy in, easy out, inclined typing mode is rock solid and the stand-up mode that is two way adjustable is great. I have never used a portrait stand up mode even when it was available, so not having it is not a downer in any way shape or form for me.
  3. I love the fact that when the stand is open it is sealed behind the stand. No junk getting in there. As the person that cleans every iPad I get when it comes in, this is a huge plus. Some other cases let in dirt everywhere, but not this one.
  4. The screen cover is 90% there. It seals great from dirt, it has oversized coverage which I love because you can reach the corners of the screen without running into the edges of the cover. The material cleans nicely, but like most other non-glass covers the material is prone to show small rainbow hues the moment you get some fingerprint oil on them. And lastly, when you spray cleaner on the cover, cleaner gets under the cover around the fingerprint sensor. Not huge issues at all, and really I am not sure how you could get around the fingerprint scanner hole issue without creating other problems. Essentially any seal will create separation between the glass and the rest of the cover which would really stink.
  5. Drop protection is pretty good. The corner bumpers are winners once again. The raised frame around the outside distributes force well across the body of the iPad. A solid edge hit is scary, but given the minimal nature of the case, it is a fair trade-off. One that I am happy to make.
  6. Case weight / thickness – A+ rating. The only case I have had that I really can hold and read for hours with no fatigue what so ever. It makes other cases seem bulky.
  7. The clear main body of the case is great.  A few more colors of the edge material would be nice. I am all about school pride, so having color selections of the edge material would be great. I would not change the clear to another color on the main body.
Overall impressions are this is a fantastic case, I will be looking to use these cases when I replace the current ones we are using.


Executive Director of ICT

Shawnee Mission School District – Shawnee Mission, KS

Over the course of the 1:1 that began initially in 2014, we have tried various cases for protection of our district devices. We’ve settled on using Brenthaven cases as we feel they provide the best protection and value.

As a brief summary of our recommendation, we offer the following bullet points we believe to be the best indicators of why we’re pleased with the cases we’ve purchased from Brenthaven:

  • Full device protection
  • Integrated screen cover, not just a protective case
  • Screen cover can be replaced without having to replace the entire case
  • Substantial corner protection
  • Buttons (power, volume up and down) remain easy to use with the case
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Quick turnaround for warranty claims
  • Post-deployment, when a potential issue was discovered with the case,
    Brenthaven took corrective action and provided an immediate solution
  • Of 18,000 cases that were installed, only three were defective